Your EDI Superheroes to the Rescue!

Is your business being attacked by a merciless onslaught of complicated data?
Electronic Data Interchange can be overwhelming and frustrating, especially when things go wrong. But, don’t despair—for 30 years we have been rescuing businesses like yours from the perils of EDI.

We work tirelessly from our top security headquarters to plan and execute your critical data missions flawlessly, without emptying your vault in the process.

Our Warriors’ cache of coding weapons transform mind-blowingly complex data into manageable packets of intelligent information. Our Guardians work fearlessly to protect you and your employees from the onslaught of illegible data threatening to reign chaos upon your business.

Don’t be lured to the dark side of EDI’s Evil Empire: Have no fear, your EDI Superheroes from Integral Group to the rescue!
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Integral Group - EDI Services for Suppliers and 3PLs

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